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BioMedical and Electronics – Inventions & Engineering

Our Focus: BioMedical and Electronics – Inventions, Consulting & Engineering

We are a project oriented engineering consulting company, based in Columbus Ohio, specializing in innovative product development through informatics and engineering research. We promote the use of information technology through training courses, seminars and certification processes. We will assist you in design and engineering research for development and implementation in technology for biomedical and electronics based inventions.

The engineering consulting business was started in May 2002. The business model included accepting research projects, mainly in engineering. Our services included initial research and prototype construction of the products. Since 2010 apart from R/D consulting, the business model included writing research papers, submitting grant requests, providing help on technical matters in provisional patent pending proposals, and presenting seminars.






We begin by drawing up a diagram then building an actual circuit to a theoretical design, and to verify that it works. This is an iterative process that involves a new design to enhance precision.



Prototype testing and provisional patent application to protect your invention while buying time to file a regular patent application. You may use a “Patent-Pending” notice to deter others from copying your invention.



We help you to move to a final product before manufacturing but after several prototypes, clinical testing, UAL listing and FDA approval.


Making your invention a reality 

Starting from an idea to lift-off, Ideatech will help you in research, proto-typing, patenting, funding, FDA approval, clinical testing, and manufacturing.  Ideatech is dedicated to providing best solutions to our clients through our quality design and consulting services.

Ideatech provides a wide array of multidisciplinary services to individuals, private companies and the government agencies.


Products in Development


Cattle Electronic Ovulation Monitoring Device


Cattle ovulation is electronically detected by several sensors placed in a medically acceptable stainless tube. The tube is inserted into the animal for a couple of minutes. The electronic sensors and the microprocessor circuit then displays the possibility of ovulation.

Sonic BRA


Ideatech is working on research and developing a prototype for a special bra for women that would detect  any tumor growth. This bra will be worn every month for a few minutes as a preventative measure in addition to regularly scheduled mammograms.

Diabetic Mouse


The invention proposes to help control the blood sugar in diabetic patients by increasing the insulin production of the pancreas. The general area of the stomach that includes the pancreas is cooled- off by an electronic mouse (named for its similarity in shape to a computer mouse).


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