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We Have The Electronics Capabilities

Equipment & Expertise for Critical Testing and Building

Ideatech will provide the skeleton and final structure to the research, assist you in designing of testing phases, including benchmarks, statistics, and presenting the results of the research for publication or implementation in final products.


A list of our core capabilities:

  • Analog & Digital Signal Processing
  • ORCAD or AUTOCAD drafting/schematic design
  • LABVIEW Data Acquisition
  • MATLAB Simulation
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Sensor & Microprocessor interface
  • Micro controllers
  • Control Systems (Analog & Digital)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Telecommunications ( Wire-line & Wireless)
  • Voice and Data Communications
  • RF Instrumentation & Spectrum Analyzers
  • Devices & Circuit Analysis
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Special IC Searches & Vendors
  • C++ and Assembly Languages
  • Preventive Maintenance
Tech tests electronic equipment