Informatics & Internet Research


Informatics combines the sciences of information technology and applied mathematics to the solution and visual presentation of scientific and technological materials. Informatics is used most widely in the medical and biological sciences but the principles    may be used in many other contexts.

Ideatech uses the methods of Informatics to analyze and create visual displays of  your technology and how it works. This method has proven very valuable in effectively  “creating understanding” of complex processes.

Internet Research

As the flood of information available on the Internet keeps rising, Ideatech consultants    will assist you in WEB RESEARCH or PATENT SEARCHES by capturing hard to find information    and present to you the critical web content in an easy to use format. Ideatech performs    PRECISE SEARCHES, looks into the INVISIBLE WEB DATA BASES, chooses a GOOD ENOUGH    search, and the BEST SEARCH for your purpose.