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Provisional Patents

Provisional Patent Office

The Official Seal of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Your idea, your intellectual property, is the most important part of what you do.  Ideas, however, are of little value if not protected.

A Provisional Patent is the starting place for most inventors and technologists.

The Provisional Patent provides:

  • A simplified filing with a low initial investment.
  • One full year to assess the invention’s commercial viability.
  • Establishes a US Patent Office filing date.
  • One year authorization to use “Patent Pending”.

* IdeaTech does not provide or offer legal advice in patents or any legal matters.    For legal advice, including advice or patent matters, legal counsel should be sought.

Provisional Patent Forms Plus Personal Assistance

If you would like personal assistance from Ideatech staff in your completing and filing the Provisional Patent in matters of technical information/content, not any legal information/content, e-mail your request to: IDEATECH

Upon receipt of your request for assistance we will contact you. All communication    between you and Ideatech is strictly confidential and, if necessary, Ideatech will    provide non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to you so that your idea is    protected.

Provisional Patent Forms Only

For our instructions and USPTO & supplemental forms, for Provisional Patents, purchase online for just $24.95


Forms together with Instructions will be sent to you in 5 business days.